brownian stew

not a bad girl

but man she loved to smoke

she’d be up rolling before

my waking feet could hit the floor

then off she’d go

contented she’d say

her pattern was one about 11 & tea

another for lunch at 1

coffee with her j at 3

then back home to me at 5

& sit rolling again

as I’d look in the slow cooker pot

another brown mass of beans

lentils & types of peas

I called it her Brownian stew

it filled a hole was all

then made me fart like an ocean liner

coming into port after weeks at sea

all that was missing was bunting

the crowds…

I had to let her go

said she didn’t like my drinking

which then I was saving for the weekend

as I was holding a job

& the boss would smell her weed

ask if I was smoking on the way in

& could not would not hear

I didn’t touch the stuff

& the other bit was the poor sex

making love with a stoned person isn’t

but I blamed the dope the apathy the smell

& for a stoner

she sure could put out a lot of hate

dunno where she got the energy from

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