transient jobs


usually it’s about day three

in transient jobs

week two in more permanent work

same M O though

somebody will arrive alongside

create general chit chat

about how you settlin’ in?

then their story: been here twenty years

oh how its changed

as you wait for the asshole line to come

you need to be careful here

lots of assholes about

her in reception, what a cow eh?

had four abortions so far

if you got needs, there’s your go to

the foreman is a juicer, you’ll see

he’ll wander off about 12 for an hour

go top up his levels

bob who you’re working with needs watching

be careful around him

cos he snitches to the boss

the boss now he’s a piece of work

he fucks boys so don’t be here late

in case he thinks you may be that way too

harry in the next line along is a thief

so don’t leave nothing lying around

or it’ll be gone

& sue he works with drinks on the job

you’ll see her slope to dark corners

fiddle with her coat & bag

sway on her way back

once she got so whacked it was funny

watching her try n’ catch up

& that rob will talk about you behind your back

you need to watch what you say around him

he will climb over you to get promoted

& this will go on & on

until all assholes are tallied

& me?

they will say

with a practised look straight into the eyes

I’m your friend

If you need anything just let me know

& you wonder

how you will get added to the lexicon

in the asshole line

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