right, she says

before we get in there

I’ll do the ordering

talking to the wait people


& it is not ok

I like to talk to people

but of late she gets embarrassed

if I talk friendly to poor people

workers if you like

last time out, different place

cos we can’t go back

I found out the staff don’t get their tips

the boss keeps them

I gives ‘em free coffee he says

& meals when needed

& your tip helps pay for that

I wanted to punch the man

having been in their shoes

but she

& my better sense of not wanting

a long night in a holding cell

held me properly back

this is something I’ve always done

talk to anybody I can

find out their world

the rights & wrongs

of injustices done to them

& them finding their own way out

so I say, yes, sure, if that’s what you want

but we both know sumthin’

I’m gonna talk

to whoever I want to

2 thoughts on “sumthin’

  1. TGI Friday are taking 40% of front house tips to pay back of house staff. Cos they cant get enough back of house staff cos they dont want to pay higher wages. Fraud?


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