please add to the list

& more

she don’t love me no more

got a better whip to drive

I am a drunk

at three in the morning

as the birds rise up

not searching for water like normal folk

out drinking on her birthday

Christmas Easter New year

& more more

couldn’t get it up when she wanted

I am a junkie

taking pills anything going

smoking out back every day

uppers downers laughers stare at the wallers

blue diamonds to get it up

& more more more

& now she says

a wife beater

violent to girls

smacker of children

kicker of cute little dogs

& more more more more

complete & utter lazy bum

drinking smoking spending all her money

never lifting a finger

doing a stroke

avoiding pay days

her best days wasted on me

& more more more more

I am to be all of this

& none of this

all because I took her sunshine away

& more more more more more


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