summer in the city hot & humid

we were sitting on a wall

outside our clubhouse

after a good days ride to nowhere & back

just sittin’ n just drinkin’

shooting the shit as always

& along the pavement came this Sikh fella

he looked nervous to see us

& as he passed in a stumble run

one of the guys reached out

pulled the dastarr off’f his head

catch! he shouted throwing it in the air

the guys fell off the wall formed a catch mob

I stayed on it watching with interest

as they tossed the dastarr (or is it pagg?)

between them the sikk fella running

in crazy dazed circles like piggy in the middle

as kids do & eventually it came to me

I caught it & as the guy breathless ran up to me

still sitting drink in hand on that wall

I gave it to him with a mumble apology

look sorry man I said as I clambered off’f it

& suggested he got the fuck out of here

what are you doing? they grumble shouted

me? I said what the fuck are you doing?

what we are supposed to…they replied

with a sorry shake of the head

like doesn’t this guy get it?

& damn!

went the bell in my head

clanging loud like so many other times before

I thought I’d found a place where I could belong

it was time to finish my drink & go

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