pain eternal

there through the window pane

you watch them hobble about their day

the sad mad bad what I never had faces

gnawing away at pieces of suffering

their pain losses & unwanted gains

eating away until there is nothing left

of themselves & you could tell them

if you were the sadistic enough unkind

you are masters of your own destiny

with a wicked glint in your eye

a pocket with a knife or a gun

to defend your Disney offences

for they will & fucking well should

bright sharp daggers drawn come for you

here is pain & nothing but the shame of it

missing brothers mothers sisters lovers

addictions to the booze gambling drugs

wire writhing deep in the blood

lovers who took the children away

left them cold outside church shoe box

where such simple words gain no traction

but ocean deep black misunderstood

hope here can be nothing more than a dangle rope

pain begins the morning informs its skies

will never end not even after darkness

though your pious technicolour sunset portends

another new day of pain passing between friends

on for ever & ever & ever amen

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