late summer afternoons

dry & looking to drink

women in the park drinking gin

& while they were not my first pick

they had the gin going for them

so I inserted myself in

lots of small talk & flattery

& they passed me a china cup

filled to the brim

all I had to offer was my wit & easy words

tickling them in their ears

making promises to love them

be with them forever the whole nine yards

the bottle got low

there were noises made time to go

& I got invited back to a walk up flat

dusty & dirty curtains ripped up the folds

setting sun lighting dust mites in beams

scratched snatched off wallpaper

I was beyond caring wanted to see

find out where all any of this leads

& her nephew popped in borrow some money

stayed for the party drinking her gin

& she said straight as a cat

the boy likes you wants you in bed

I protested but the price clear to stay

the three of us later tucked in together

& lay I lay there thinking on the price of gin

keeping her big snoring body between me & him

sometime around four I woke being sucked

& I liked it let it all just go & go

in the morning slid out of there

catching the pavement empty

the sun burning my eyes hard & low

wondering where the dry

would adventure me next

just what price might make me say


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