best to stay away from him

I hear hiss murmur

like a stray alley cat

all soft quiet on stranger turf

& I turn to see

who this week we are avoiding

& she is making eyes at me

to somebody I don’t know

worse I can’t quite place her

not prominent on my shit list

as always with these things

faint curses from the sad people

could be a slight snub

missed cue in supermarkets

a shout thrown when driving

when she forgot those corner

yellow little blinkie things…

I’d be happier if

I’d fucked her sister instead of her

ripped some bad drug deal

where I got the cash & the dope

stole her panties from the wash line

found me drunk in her pissed bed

but no

I don’t do these things

probably she don’t like my jaw

the uncut of the long hair

the way I walk & smile at nothing

sit in her chair

breeze through her world

while for her

it is full of woes

& enemies

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