to be forever 14

I talk with them the whole time

so much

they get fed up with the conversations

can we just have a little peace?

& that’s about when I let them go

I am always surprised how little

people want to discuss their lives

think on the moments that make the days

they come with tales of poor lovers

yet fail to articulate their real needs

somewhere inside to be eternally fourteen

full of giggles ahems mebbes erms & ah buts

well y’know I thought we’d just kinda discover

& I know for sure how hard it is talk about

the things we love done to love to do

but these babies with stories of bad love

I find are the last to be lovers of conversations

what their needs are between the sheets

though they know intimately can recite

the foibles of the rich & famous

misdeeds of Hollywood & music stars

but know nothing of their own

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