each time

in the morning I go out the back door

the crows in the oak trees call out

caaaw caaaw!

& I feel like I’m living in some horror film

or tense tv plot where they are racking up

the plot the jeopardy atmosfear

in soft subtle audio references

soundtracking the caaaw caaaw!

of ravens warning

though here it is but the crows knowing

I come from the house of the cat

the destroyer of their worlds

she brings home trophy dead babies

leaves traces in the garden of bird strike

in circles of feathers on the ground

I can track her movements

across the lands here by the birds

the angry ca ca cack of the magpies

caaaws of the crows

& the scree! from the buzzard

yet here amongst us she is the furry one

who loves to lie on her back

have her belly tickled

or practicing mind control

sitting by her bowl

& blinking at us

to make the connection: food now please

this wild dangerous beast

fooling us into thinking she is tamed

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