I don’t get it he said

never did never do

tell me how it is

for you

I was in Newcastle

a wonderful northern city

had been working there

with a great group

who all knew each other

but didn’t know me

& afterwards went for drinks

then much later ate

but it was too late

the drink had taken hold

we all drank some more

& I remember saying

I have to go

as they sang don’t stop the show

but I left

wobbling gently on happy legs

knowing the hotel was close

in a straight line almost

but first I passed a six foot chicken

giving a sermon to nuns on semantics

& other people talking of love

in slow cyclical conversations

& before I knew it

I’d lost the hotel

so I sat for a while

& thought about things

on a handy low lying wall

until the receptionist

came out

asked: are you feeling ok?

as I’d been in the smoking area

& not smoking for some time now

nope he said

I still don’t get it

just how is any of that fun?

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