how it begins

I had the girl gone blues

& they were offering free talking cures

I arranged for the fella to come

but of course forgot

it was around ten knock at the door

I was kinda dressed got off the chair

let the dude in he was prim

ghost white blue suit tie briefcase & glasses

kept eyeing my orange juice

is that just OJ?

yeah sure you want one?

he politely declined but never took his eyes off

& I told him about my girl gone blues

hoping to get another perspective

another mans take if you like

but that OJ bugged him blind

we met the next week same time

I made sure I did not forget

this time I had water in a tall glass

is that just water? he asked all prissy

sitting in my rooms suit tie fat plastic briefcase

so I offered to throw him out

I think you got the wrong notions fella

I’m looking for a great idea

on how to stop picking the wrong women

get myself sorted in the head

ok ok he said lets talk about beer

how much do you need?

& now I like to think

my shoe left a print in that prim backside

as he shot through the door

writing in his notes: anger issues too

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