a few of my favourite things

buzzards in flight over a devon field

eagles Spain Portugal France Germany & on

cat coming in calling me responding returned

my fat face in the shaving mirror pulling faces

her bottom soft in my hands saying hello goodbye

spider web on the door mirror thrumming at 60mph

the sun rose fingers creeping over the trees at dawn

chopping a dead tree winter firewood falling right

kid in the street looking at my motorcycle unscared

coffee in a backstreet Naples charged locals price

wearing the right clothes as the rain begins to patter

riding fast in a biker pack for 100 miles or more

new church’s shoes on a good friends night out

drying out riding after a summer rain storm on my bike

smell of a new book by my favorite dead author

gazpacho Zaragoza served with yesterdays bread

greasy spoon Heinz beans on toast cold London night

your voice on the phone hundreds of miles away

Osborne’s 103 coffee carajillo 6.30 am Repsol wake up

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