they talk they talk

mid afternoon & all i need is coffee

they talk they talk

how they betray themselves when drunk

when high & lonely in the night

oh I couldn’t help myself

I had to call him & say hello

I went back to her even though

I knew they were all laughing

behind my back

on & on they talk they talk

maybe they’re rehearsing for a seedy talk show

where they get to expose themselves

in the glory of their fecklesness

in front of a thrill seeking uncaring world

there is no learning here

no hope of a brighter tomorrow

no baring of souls in hope of commons

only a look at me I’m in pain feckless boast

& I want to scream there is no honour here

no hope of being better people

only squandered emotions feelings lost

as I stare in to my coffee & wait

for it & me to cool down


one day I will find my people my tribe

who understand

the true meaning of cost

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