to ask to answer true

he’s not the kind to ask

he is a man after all

& we don’t ask personal

of each other that much

so when he inquires just what went wrong?

I take a deep breath & hold

& the sigh comes out unclear

where to begin?

she was a great girl I wanted to be with

but man she wore me out

had no real ideas of her own

& after a time y’know we want

to be loved right back?

had no initiation no get up & go

& yeah if I prompted she‘d be there

ready to pitch in let it flow

& its great to hear an echo

once in a while lets you know

where you are out in the wild

but at home that over time

becomes such a lonely sound

& you have no other choice

than to let that go

I saw him nod his head ok I get it

& that was that closed

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