I took a seat

tiny row at the back

& all there was

a candle burning slow

a lady fussing at flowers

& me

wondering how to begin

make what happens happen

or was I too late for the show?

& the padre wandered in

did that thing people do at home

looking around see what was different

from the last time

& he saw me came right over

shook my hand

talked about the place

could see knew I was new to this

offered to help any way he could

& suddenly my heart felt foolish

how to tell this good shepherd

the things I wanted to do

over a woman I thought I loved

how a man can get so black

over these things passing through

I shook his hand said thank you for your time

put pennies in the slotted box

made my way out into the sunshine

took the route home slow

there were no answers given

but I had them anyhow

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