the agony of granny

past 84 & climbing slow

there she says pointing at my gut

you are getting a fat tummy aren’t you?

& I’d love to scream in her face

you looked in a mirror recently bitch?

as hers is growing bigger now

& we have deep concerns over that

that we dare not show

later she will need me to take her shopping

& I’ll sit in the café write a line

as she finds half of what she needs

later I’ll whiz her round picking up stuff

finding the other half she can’t see to see

& she’ll tell the teller what a good boy I am

though she’ll chide me in her family

for how I treat her daughter

though she has no clue as to what goes on

& not that she treats her own daughter well

all because she hates men now as grandpa died

leaving her alone some twenty years ago

& nobody told me i’d need to carry this agony

biting my lip

treating the intolerant with tolerance

to the very end

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