the design awards going elsewhere

there was a while there

I did not feel a thing

got up in the morning because

the clock said so

the sun was streaming in

the noise of the world woke me

I’d make coffee

look out of the window

there was nothing else to do

feeling no connection

to any soul scurrying the street

there was a radio on low

& I’d try to catch

the words being said

it was all such drivel

demented dj’s trying to be real

& none of that was working out

I’d turn it off with a click

the reverb from that

likely to make me feel sick

sat in a chair

wondering at the wallpaper

the process of making all of that

frustrated artists working for the weekends

the compromises made by the departments

too many colours costing cash

thin down the detail for the print room

the design awards going elsewhere

& at the end of that exhausting day

I’d climb back into bed

pull the covers up

pray that was that

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