just a horse

we took a ride out to the country

bunch of city kids

just on the edge of fucking up

bit of shoplifting

smoking truancy starting

police getting to know their names

we had this idea of diverting them

showing another world out there

took them canoeing out walking

& today was a horse ride

we each got a mount

the basics of left & right on the reins

gentility of feet in stirrups & flanks

& off we went single file

the horses knowing the way

onto a gentle moor

over streams into the woods

hearing silence from these chatterbox kids

& after a half hour turned to go back

from the birds the trees

& smells of honeysuckle


just as we turned

the final right for the stables

another group came racing up

chasing a girl screaming

holding onto neck

& my group pulled up

holding their horses

patting them

as her horse halted

in front of us

having nowhere to go

the girl jumped

fell to the floor

as the others caught up

the fear lifted from the clearing

the newcomers took the reins of the bolted horse

& walked with us to the stalls

there was silence now

but different from the one before

another world?

you betcha

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