romance is not what it was

I passed her in the street

there with her man

she shot me a fearful

don’t say hello look

& I struggled to remember

Janey Jill Susie Sue?

not that I’m much proud

of our fumble encounter

one of those long Saturday nights

leaning on the counter

watching the tab mount up

she was there with her friend

married ladies night out

& I was passing out the charm

the beer lights & the music

working their magic

& she wanted something of me

giving me the eye the wink

come on & follow me

where she began to blow me

turned to offer me from behind

& as I took my chances

she softly said

just don’t come in me ok?

my old man would kill me

& the moment was gone

romance is not what it was

I pretended to come

zipped up my pants

kissed her the once

returned to the beer lights

flat beer on the counter

& the music came on

just another beer lust driven moment

given & gone

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