the man had tidy rooms

his girl had just left him he said

I got the one spoon

knife fork plate

& I figure if I rinse ‘em straightaways

he was all serious

I’m not gonna miss her

for a week mebbe a few days

& I tried to be encouraging

is what friends are supposed to do

but I noticed hard not to

the growing pile of empty bottles

wrappers from fast food

growing by the door the sink

lets go out for a walk

I offered sure he said

mebbe we can stop for a drink

so we sat for a while in the sun

watching the empty glass pile grow

me encouraging his silence

waiting for the axe to fall

well he finally offered

don’t it all go to show

you give them everything you got

& then they run off with some fella

you didn’t even know she knew?

& it was my turn for silence

because everybody else did

the patsy is always the last to know

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