no script

or screenplay in the trunk waiting

which is odd for LA

nothing to sell

ulterior motive to say hello

spend some time

& that in of itself

is worthy of suspicion here

we smile say hello

talk on old times

people we knew

still know

eat a little

as she is watching her weight

the cameras add pounds you know

which at least keeps the tab low

I pay the bill

air kiss our goodbyes

& I see her checking herself in the glass

while I check my pockets

count my fingers

honour has been served

we can say to others

we said hi hello & that was it

though I see in her checking

the frown if was this all it was?

she was expecting a point

some meta narrative

poorly expressed needs

wanting something undefined

from me

& no

this was as it turns out

a goodbye

the life has changed her

& I will not come this way


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