Six lines from Richelieu

Miranda r. was her name

made me think of her as Miranda Richelieu

she was called in to mediate a meeting

between me & Mick w. another teacher

we were teaching the same courses

at different colleges

& I worked part time at his college too

Richelieu was called in ‘cos Mick was a jealous prick

upset that my course was stealing his students

the truth was he hadn’t got his course accepted

to give out the all-important certification

& I had which pissed him off some

to get away with that he began a whisper campaign

trying to get me fired as a hate person & thug

which quite rightly made me want to punch the prick

though we professionals tend not to do that

the mediation was tight as he wriggled & prevaricated

offering weasel apologies but I held the line

later Miranda Richelieu invited me to a further meet

to ask questions about my teaching at the college

she had that warm professional way that you know

for sure goes off like a switch once the money stops

I sat with her for an hour having nothing to hide

wondering how much of Mick w’s poison had got in

& at the end of the year there they offered me nothing

no more work no reasons why just goodbye no thanks

& I think a punch in the throat to mick w.

a fuck you to miranda r.

would have been the more honest way to be

but us professionals tend not to do that

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