wet brain in the rain again

coming home late

& there she was

standing corner of the street

hello baby she said

its been a long time

she started kissing me

holding my hands

staring into my eyes

feel my stocking tops

take me home got whispered

so I did if wondering the why

though my mind on overtime

was saying don’t go there again

I got her drink vodka on ice

while she sat chewing her cheek

is just like old times she smiled

& I had no questions to ask

didn’t want the answers to hear

we got between the sheets

& soon she was sleeping out flat

as I lay back satisfied unsatisfied

wondering how long before

all this shit turned sour

& sure enough around three

she woke up dug me in the ribs

what the fuck am I doing here?

did you do me while I was asleep?

I helped get her dressed

while she told me over & over

what a shit I was

she had no memory of meeting me

wanting me to take her home

eventually I pushed her out the door

the waiting cab door open

to take out the trash

until the next time

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