convent girls

butter would not melt

in those

supposedly shy yet vicious mouths

taught by married to jesus nuns

& she tells me straight

about a third now of my class

are call girls escorts to rich men

I looked her in the eye

I ain’t got much sugar honey

but I’m sure we can get by

she scared easy which was a fuss

such as in a cathedral taking pictures

of the stained glass rose window

& I almost dropped the camera

cussed out shit! under my breath

& she almost fainted

went white eyes rolling in her head

we gotta go we gotta go!

let me take this one last picture

as she mumbled everybody here

heard what you just said

which was me forgetting

as no matter what she did or said

the priest would be sitting there

behind a screen nodding his head

giving forgiveness in exchange for prayer

while I was heading straight to hell

nobody to forgive me hold my hand

& I knew like everybody else

I was going to be a stretch

for her everybody around her

religion to understand

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