gone midnight

I’d heard the chimes from the church clock

& then no sounds for a while

shush of owl feathers as it flew overhead

then a slow shuffling grunting

from the other side road side of the hedge

where I’d decided to sleep the night

worn & sleepy from a long day

of nothing quite working out

lying on a slight slope looking up

into the stars looking for Sirius

finding Orions belt pole star

the shuffling grunting stopped

I could see a dark figure 20 feet more away

as he begins to piss hear the soft aah

he has no idea I’m there

slight mutter talking to himself

I needs this he goes I needed her

but tonight was not my night

mebbe I’ll be lucky another night

or mebbe it’ll be her that’s lucky

he chuckled coughed zipped up

shuffled on as the stars slowly whirled about

unmoved uncaring about the million stories

happening here before we get to sun

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