he had that thing about him

a surety of being a man that fixes things

cars motorcycles that elusive leak in the loft

& the guys at the bar love him

he’s a wag got swagger

but the ladies know to leave him alone

they have that extra sense

knowing something is off kilter somewhere

he talks of his mother the love the care

his bad three marriages to odd ladies

strippers dancers runaways from home

the businesses he’s built up

let go crashing to the ground

& the more he says the less of him I know

while the ladies know to leave him alone

I talked to his current to be wife

not angling not fishing just waiting to hear

how life in the round was for the two of them

she spoke of his controlling in terms

of understand behaviour in a difficult dog

how she was not submissive

could understand how he’d be frightening

to one such as those which she would never be

not to worry she had it all under control

felt sure she was enough could handle him


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