beautiful in the symmetry

I could never learn

to brown nose

oh I’d try half hearted

but it always came out wrong

& they’d start hating

in that nice way to let you know

the feeling runs bone deep

so I’d fuck with them

go in wearing my trouser pants

keeping my chain biker wallet on

loose fastening my club belt

or Fridays take my riding rags in a bag

leave it open on the floor

leave the chop tick tick cooling

nearest bay by the front door

to get away on the dot of close

roar of exhaust smoke & noise

roll a three-paper loose leaf cigarette

standing outside in the rain

with the gossip smokers

snicker as they’d edge away sniffing

before running to the boss

do the squeal tell-tale telling tall thing

kept a vodka bottle full of water

in my bottom desk drawer

half inch of spirit floating on top

knowing they couldn’t fire me

as I wasn’t stupid enough

to be drunk drugged sweary in paid time

& they needed what I did for them

it was beautiful in the symmetry too

to just to recognise

my feelings went bone deep also

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