the retired pilot

tho’ I knew him better as a relief shepherd

brought into play when Jim the farmer

was on holiday

he was not a good shepherd

more than once he called on me

to help with the count

the little buggers just won’t stay still

he said

until he developed a system

where he’d count three times

& accept that if the average

matched the sum it should be

I saw him last treading on a spade

as I rode my Harley by he said

putting some potatoes in & then

I’ll take the Morgan out it’s a good day for a run

have a good one eh? & when I came back

all I saw was his spade lying on the ground

his wife ran out: he’s gone! he’s gone!

he’d keeled over onto the mud

with a heart attack & by the time the medics got to him

he was long gone

it was not a good day for a run for the retired pilot

or the relief shepherd but a reminder

we go so easy the good ones & the bad

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