as ideology

did not set out

to be the enemy

but somewhere she got told

with obvious certainty

as a man

I was the problem

& worse

she would be the victim

& that mindset

is a trap

of the first order

any kindness is enticement

all cruelty holds the idea true

& who has the patience

the time the energy

to wear down

such sad thoughts?

far easier

to find another whose ideas

are their own

not thrown

as ideology

Women got a broom

I was feeling low that morning

couldn’t find the energy

fill the bowl with hot water

find the razor to shave

focus on doing

the what needs doing

but I still made it out

go see the listening lady

sitting still in her room

& I told her of feeling low

today I just couldn’t deliver

make the show

& she told me

whatever men do women do too

but they also got a broom

up their ass to sweep along

cleaning up after everyone

I should get my sorry ass

up out of the chair

get home scrape that razor

put on my best face

go do what I gotta do

cos you know

whatever it is you do

women got a broom

to do more than you


they say

so you do

exploring your feelings

half repressed emotions

then they say

stop talking

I don’t wanna hear

what you got to say

those are not the words

we were wanting clarity


some sense of purpose

man with a mission stuff

not this haze of maybe’s

so what you hear

is shut up

don’t say a word

until you fulfil

their expectations

on who they want

you to be

Very probably

this mountain has been here

for several million years

but today

I was stood beneath

& over time the weathering

growth of trees plants moss lichen

erosion by wind rain snow

millennia of storms

has combined worked to create

a pleasing perfection

which I wasn’t inclined to climb

make some facile attempt to conquer

I’d though I’d leave that

to some other fool with deep lungs

as this view had taken mine


scree scree scree scree

the music of pickers

heard in the thrift stores

scree scree scree

scratching of thin metal hangers

on fat chrome rails

pulling the clothes on & to

searching for labels

anything high end



that can be sold on through

make a few bucks

pay the habit

pay the man

pay the bills

churned out to vintage stores

in a bundle blanket

for them to sell on

to folks who’d never

grace the thrift

& the losers here

are you & me

with high end taste

& low money