any ember would do

the years

sat in chairs

on walls

flat out on the ground

clogging up corners

scrawling on paper

filling up cheap notebooks

staring into space

working out the line

losing jewels gems

scattered in dead spaces

sent to people

surrounded by reams of words

who were always

past caring on paid time

sending them back

more often not

while I waited for the fire to catch

any ember

would do



that get to be gone place

where the Friday Saturday night girls went

they’d appear by my side for a while

be fun companions stay the night

then gone with the dawn next day

& some might appear again

stay for a month or so

then be lost forever

consigned to history

distant memory

& now I wonder

is that the same place

where my dead friends go?

here for a while only

like all of us fools are

making the most of what we can

then consigned to history

memories of times gone

some to be forgotten

others to haunt

in idle moments

long nights cool mornings

with a wry smile

& a warm feeling to come

same face

same face on every tv

calling out

singing out

emoting for you & me

& the message is plain

follow follow follow

listen hard & deep

& I’m looking around

watching glazed eyes

folks caught in the trance

hypnosis spell working

no questions in the asking

believe believe believe

while I turn my face away

can nobody but me see

what’s happening here


the story was meant to be light

she was cycling late night

past the graveyard

& her chain fell

not knowing this she felt

she was being dragged back to hell

& all this had happened

way before I was born

some time long gone

& I was listening to her talk

feeling out of depth & lost

having no understanding of graves

bicycles heaven or hell chains

I was just a kid y’know

only recently learned to walk

but I knew she was trying

in her own way to be nice

so I smiled hugged her close

wondering why she couldn’t stay

make this happy feeling last

more than minutes into days

saturday started

it was over before

it even began

she had some commitment

saturday night

looking after this couple’s kids

we could babysit & stay over

she said

& I did not want to go

so she pulled faces

made me change my mind

the kids were in bed by eight

we kicked back

sucked on some cheap red wine

watching stupid shit on the box

around twelve I called it a night

got into bed turned over

& she started in

I was not the man she thought I was

which somehow was my problem

I got up put my pants & shoes on

she cried out what’s happening here?

I’m gone baby leaving out the door

my bed is peaceful

no noise in my ears there

let’s try again

on another day

slipping my fingers

wanting to catch up

see the museums

pictures on the walls

hear the music easy

drowning out the noise

& you had it all

enough to give away

but wouldn’t let me play

sit alongside of you

boy from the wrong side

though night times

I had what you wanted

enough to keep you close

hoping to earn from me

my ears my eyes

the taste dripping my lips

words slipping my fingers