why so quiet?

she wants to know

he wants to know

& I have nothing to say

to either of them

they sure as hell

will not want

my opinion

words on what they got

going on yesterday

the things they did today

their cars

their families

dogs cats in laws

what they saw at the movies

on the internet tv

we spoke on these things

some time ago

& I can’t see

anything new brought into play

as they can only talk

of things

not themselves

their ideas are not their own

& that is why

I keep quiet most days

though nobody wants silence

in the face of this

its all I can say

scree scree scree scree

the music of pickers

heard in the thrift stores

scree scree scree

scratching of thin metal hangers

on fat chrome rails

pulling the clothes on & to

searching for labels

anything high end



that can be sold on through

make a few bucks

pay the habit

pay the man

pay the bills

churned out to vintage stores

in a bundle blanket

for them to sell on

to folks who’d never

grace the thrift

& the losers here

are you & me

with high end taste

& low money


she’s a great looking kid

got a great voice

& she wants to work in the industry

have a career singing to millions

go beyond beyonce or taylor

all said with a sweet smile

covering soft the avarice behind

she has not worked the entertainment mills

the bars cabarets supper clubs

singing late afternoons for two

the bored the drunks the bored drunks

singing for a wage for love for pennies

the experience the heart highs lows

& how do you say to anybody

come back another time

after you’ve been hurt

brought to your knees

found your own voice


depth of soul


Hotel rooms

where all we ask

is anonymity

to do the things we got

to do

not just the sex thang

our cheap eating

saving on expenses

booze binges

re arranging the furniture

not for feng shui

but for comfort

leaving charging cables in

shampoos soaps razors

underwear his n hers

where to shine a blacklight

would create nightmares

so that

we never do

its all Rome now

what they never tell you

in the tourist guides brochures

is how Rome is overrun with feral cats

fed by old ladies dressed in black

that the smell of urine is everywhere

until it becomes possible to tell

whether it is fresh or has been

added to & added to over the millennia

& now major cities everywhere

have all become Rome

the stank of piss on all corners

the feral homeless feeding on scraps

tended by officers in various blacks

& none of this is recorded

in tourist brochures guides

the digital snaps shown to friends

but never kept in albums