too mary poppins

these things

saying thank you guv’nor

to a London cabbie

late rainy night

as he dropped us

back to the hotel

apparently that

was too mary poppins

to be forgiven

& apparently

I am an embarrassment

in forever doing

these things

it is not ironic

within the culture

or fun


watcher not in the act

looking for me

taking photographs of each minute

watching the scene as I wrote

looking for me

to bring the moment alive

I started asking

c’mere baby can’t you see

you’re the looker on

the watcher not in the act?

shhhhh she whispered

I want to capture what you got

but I knew what I held

don’t come in rattle cans

hygiene wrapped from the market

only exists in the fleeting

frisson between me & you

& that kind of magic

can’t be pulled from the bag

ordered for the capturing eye

throwing harsh words around

you will never know

the pain you put me through

sure you knew

you were hurting

throwing harsh words around

& I took them

hoping for a better day

like those before

knowing your rage

was yours alone inside

while I was holding on to me

wishing for sunnier days

to come around again

& now we don’t ever

talk about that at all

what you put me through

& I can live with that

like I lived through then

knowing you can never

doubt my love

if I’ve seen you

stayed alive

you at your worst

same face

same face on every tv

calling out

singing out

emoting for you & me

& the message is plain

follow follow follow

listen hard & deep

& I’m looking around

watching glazed eyes

folks caught in the trance

hypnosis spell working

no questions in the asking

believe believe believe

while I turn my face away

can nobody but me see

what’s happening here

at the time

all I can say

is I meant it

there at the time

wanting for you

& me

to believe

the words were more

than a line

& it was only time

took away their meaning

the things we did

to hurt each other

keeping score

on an imagined board

evening up for karma

that never got realised

& worse over times

there were others

heard them said too

whispered straight faced

while looking into their eyes


the story was meant to be light

she was cycling late night

past the graveyard

& her chain fell

not knowing this she felt

she was being dragged back to hell

& all this had happened

way before I was born

some time long gone

& I was listening to her talk

feeling out of depth & lost

having no understanding of graves

bicycles heaven or hell chains

I was just a kid y’know

only recently learned to walk

but I knew she was trying

in her own way to be nice

so I smiled hugged her close

wondering why she couldn’t stay

make this happy feeling last

more than minutes into days