talk they said

come in take a seat

be comfortable

tell us what’s going on

& I noticed straightway

she kept the desk between

leaning on a new note pad

used the word us

which meant we

that anything I said here

would be shared

& I wanted to scream

shout out loud long

the shit going on

but had felt the thin door

the people sitting outside

so I swallowed that down

kept everything schtum

I see here you’ve been disruptive

getting into trouble in class

so what’s going on?

& where to begin

with this nice lady

not a hair out of place?

I knew how this would run

to give even a morsel

would bring down

another if different

world of pain

well ok if you won’t talk

be very careful

we’re keeping our eyes on you

letting me know now

I was the lucky one

to be holding all the badness

while everybody around

only reflected sun

oooooooooooooooooooh you!

she screamed you make me so mad

the way you slit your eyes peer at the world

never let on you got the blues

make yourself out to never be the bad

& they say angry women tell the most truth

well I guess it’s their truth today anyway

listen I say just listen a little bit

nobody needs to know your sadness

my badness my own pit of the blues

they got their own shit going on

pains in their feet guts arms heads

yes, yes I know all that but that’s WE got

the rest of us IN the world bonds over that shit

but you you bastard won’t let go not one bit

trying to be lofty above all the crap

wanting to know which way the world drops

I kissed her about then pulled her close

listen baby you know & I know

I’m just a guy tryin’ to get by

discover a few clues get ahead of the game

& that’s what matters to me most

if you like

you can cry over this

if you like

I know there were times

I did

if the person you want

to love you don’t love you

there is nothing you can do

will ever change any of that


if it’s the people

the world tells you

owe a duty of care to you

your experience

will not match up

with the tv, movies, novels

& worse: others


they will wonder on your sadness

label this badness bitterness

being ungrateful to the core

will refuse your understanding

my people don’t do love

find it impossible to show care

hark at him they will say

crying that life is unfair

but you’ll notice real quick

the love they have is theirs

& theirs alone

so precious

there will be none to share