to be free

we were sitting around

long summer afternoon

& the talk was on cruise ships

holidays they’d had

all package tours & trips

& my vagabond stuff

was of little no interest

as they turned to houses

cash money in the bank

as my wish to be there

will to live slowly sank

& then I noticed her all sly

counting the level of his drinks

putting up a plate for him

what tidbits she slid by

& I brightened up some

getting some understanding

so this is what it means

to be living comfortable

to be free

people got insurance

there at the bar

man is feeling flush

had a little touch last night

& tonight he’s all flash

new suit new shoes

new shirt new attitude

& who cares if some no mark


is missing some jewellery tv cash?

he’s at the bar buying beers

& no one here is gonna ask

where the money he got came from

people got insurance don’t they?