I read the great book

written by the great man

devoured every word

thought it interesting

what a life to lead

& that was that

until a few years later

pulled up a copy in a thrift store

signed by the dude himself

& read it again

this time being older

having made

my own changes

I found insights

truths pushing to the fore

understanding of

who the man

had been

the wit

wisdom showing through

& just maybe

if I wait a couple years more

I might get down to

who he was

when he was writing

wanting himself to be


wake up

what the eyes don’t see

the signs were all there

the nights

extra care on the lipstick

picking clothes to wear

overtime at work

weekends with his friends

fishing trips with no fish

all the money gone

lift in the steps

brighter being

the eyes

choose to avoid

but we all knew

could see these changes

hoping they would wake up

before we had to tell them

big changes were coming


I would promise

to do anything

make the changes

to suit you more

(to you & You & you)

be the man you wanted

grow up some

shave the beard

grow the beard


change the style

of my clothes


work to bring in money

move town

& only later

as the pain cleared away

those changes

would never have stuck anyway

those promises I was making

were only to stop the pain

no matter what I said

at the time

November brings changes

we were sitting on my hill

backs against a log

feet facing downhill to the fire

watching the last of the big logs burn down

my neighbour was sucking on another pint of my whisky

staring into the flames

I sighed some man its good to do this

the job has been driving me crazy I need to leave

he said nothing kept guzzling

& if I do that then all this may have to go….

looking around the black wide open sky

oh jeez fella you are so mawkish at times

y’are really bringing me down he moaned

I looked over watching him warm his bones

drinking my booze there at my fire

& suddenly he was right

the mawkish mood was gone

I’d be pleased to leave

this freeloading bum behind

hypno regression

I spend every day

walking my stone circle

& nights here in my cloak

watching the stars & moon

waiting for the signs to come

sky to change

from these I tell the farmers

when to plant

hunters to go out & succeed

feed the tribe

as the deer migrate

fish rise in the river

when the village has to harvest crops & fruits

the time to slaughter cattle for winter

the omens to prepare against attack

which clan younglings are born into

& in finality for some

where when & how they will be buried

& the price to be paid

for all of these

is to live

be alone


if revered

always alone

unless sage advice

warnings from the gods

words to the wise are sought

& then I am abandoned

until needs arise again

this too is written