she wants answers

I worked with her dad

now deceased

some years ago

& she has just found out

he was not her biological father

& wishes to know stuff

I tell her he loved her

what else is there?

her mothers’ infidelity

that he bore it well?

but she wants answers

I suggest she talk to her mother

but that don’t sit right


I just want to talk with him

she goes

& I gently suggest

your mother is the actor

in all of this

go ask her

she gets all upset she says

but no

she loved her dad the best

& wants to know


from the one who

stayed silent so long

Notes on cuckoldry


do not meet the man concerned

if you meet the kids

you are to be the stranger mummy works with

family holidays always come first: Christmas, Easter

summer, you will be alone on these

same for birthdays-his, hers & the kids

same for school, dentist, doctor & any sleep overs for their kids

you may not give gifts that are distinctive

any gifts you may receive must fit within the family budget

she is brave

you are taking advantage

all weekends away are mummys working weekends

there will be calls to family, friends, relatives & to the man concerned

you must make yourself scarce or be out of the building while these occur

you may not know their content

you must not leave any mementoes of your lovemaking on her, in her car, her phone or life

she may at every opportunity leave mementoes leave any items, articles of clothing, jewellery & signs of love in your car, life or head

if she finds another lover other or as well as you

you may not call her a slut

look at how you started if you should wish to form a more permanent union

at any point she can call a halt to your affaire d’amour

you may not

not without a reason that she finds acceptable and/or valid

after that, if she wishes

she may never want to talk to you again

& if you want to break that silence


are a bad person