get over another

She loved him she said

because he was ugly

had learned to be beautiful

in other ways

which I was struggling to see

maybe he was great

between the sheets

I thought possibly

had hidden talents with the brush

could write songs

while fingering the strings

knew his way around the keys

but hey

none of this was any of my business

she was my ex & all bets were off

but there was something there

in her voice


helped me understand

this was her in-between man

the get over another lover man

Like a dog returning

hey he says

I bumped into your ex

some time back

she was looking ok

did you talk? I ask

in that space of

wanting to know

not wanting to know

sick like a dog returning to

I’d want her to be ok

over her alcoholism

over herself

over me

oh I just said hello

& she was puzzled

he counters

like just who the fuck

was I?

no changes then?


these are the little landmines

scattered with no map

just general areas of no go’s

where I might set them off

or others can step on for me

reminders of past wars

brief encounters with consequence

battle scars

post traumatic stress zones

like a rotten tooth


but not quite yet