these boys saying yes yes

to their loved ones

here beneath my seat at this cafe table

me sipping white americano & brandy

them walking alongside their lovelies

hoping yes is enough to keep

them everything happy

as if yes’ing is enough

to sustain the relationship

I can see the motto now

a happy wife is a happy life

picked out in black on the wall

feeling good housekeeping is

that giving up on themselves

is the key

out of the divorce courts


you mustn’t ever leave me she said

all long red hair earnest as rust

I have rejection issues

& for the life of me I never understood that

she had come from a family loved her

had provided for all of her needs

& I tried to hang on in there

loving her as best I should

but its difficult when her fear

led her to not invest as she could

becomes a one-way street

I loved how she loved when she did let go

but man it was a battle to get her to that place

giving is giving up giving in letting trust show

surrender is to win the war

where love grows

eventually I had to offer defeat

& know she provided her own rejection

all I was

was the deliverance machine