got things to say

I was sitting right there

but felt I was back row

she had things to say

he had things to say

& those alongside

guess what?

also had things to bray

& me in the back row

had stopped listening

some long time ago

not that they weren’t


had points to make

but man when they’re

not listening

my ears begin to ache

& all I want to say

is just shut up please

a man needs some quiet

has thinking to do

to get his mind at ease


I’d been searching

always for something

could heal me

hoping to find

the cure for this itch

might give me

a little peace

of mind

& she came in

foxed me with her beauty

promising everything

had that smile

of riches to come

like she knew my hunger

could get that job

over & done

& instead took

whatever she could

leaving me behind

thinking at least

I’d had my healing

until just maybe

the next time

a sweet smile

on a pretty face

could get that hook

swung on a line