watch out for nomads

loneliness has a stink

that’s the way

it seemed to me

walking the streets of a new town

trying to find a place to be

faces turned away

not like a new kid

in a new school

everybody wanting a piece

hear the new kid story

somebody who’d broke free

adults have the warning built in

beware of strangers

don’t take the open hand

watch out for nomads

they come to steal

thieve your women

take your land

you have a loose foot eh?

yeah, I guess I do

I had to get out of my beginnings

the people there

had such a thin view of what I could be

& the habit went on growing

I kept on keeping on to pastures new

& if I can share one secret

listen in children listen up close

if you begin to put roots down

put an ear to the ground

people around you

if you sit still for one second

who have not known you long

will tell you straight

who & what you are

what they will want you to be

& if you like that just fine

keep on putting in those roots

but if you don’t like your box

want to break its confines

pull ‘em up & get walking

try your luck in a new town

be who you are there

see if they can understand