voice on the radio

driving to the store

thinking of nothing

maybe chips dips

the kind you find everywhere

& your voice came on the radio

though it could not be you

this being another time place

different country

& if I thought I was over you

the tones coming into my car

made me change that understanding

brought you closer in

stabbed me hard in the feels

even if I would not want you here

want you back again

it’ll come to you

somewhere out in the woods

by the thin river

I found the old man

sitting loose

leaning against a stump

whittling on a piece of tree

he smiled asked of me

you got any water son?

so I settled nearby

I’m making me a stick he told

to help me get out of here

ran out of water

kind of everything really

I thought I was easy

forgot I was no longer spry

the things they don’t tell you

about this getting old

is it all catches up on you

taking an easy walk in the woods

becomes a trial

something life threatening


but I was young then

could only smile offer help

he took the water

& fell into step

as we walked out to safety

for him

while for me it was only

to a place I’d been

seven to seven

if y’gotta ask

then the answer

is always close at hand

I was working seven to seven

& the place was a mess

& I’d ask

what is it you do all day


& she’d smile that smile

make the questions go away

until the next day

& the money would be gone

& its not as if I didn’t love her

she said she loved me true

just there are some things

leaves a man feeling blue

& one day she was gone

note tucked in the mirror

gone to better things x

& I’m still working seven to seven

the place is still a mess

& a man wonders as he tries to sleep

is the smile worth all that

or is the price just too steep?

about the place

I can never return
you ask me why
& I can never tell you
when you hurt someone over
over again
it becomes less about the pain
more about the place
& can you ever understand
you were part of the shame
playing the game
all was good
that you need to ask
is part of the blame
putting everything on me
if I were to ask
how come you stay?
would be your struggle
my answer has to be
home is where the hurt is