I’d been searching

always for something

could heal me

hoping to find

the cure for this itch

might give me

a little peace

of mind

& she came in

foxed me with her beauty

promising everything

had that smile

of riches to come

like she knew my hunger

could get that job

over & done

& instead took

whatever she could

leaving me behind

thinking at least

I’d had my healing

until just maybe

the next time

a sweet smile

on a pretty face

could get that hook

swung on a line

hook of sigh

It was always love

each time I took the look

hook of sigh across the room

big eyes & smiles

that would come my way

could this be the one

who will stay?

& some were love

for a little while

others more than a day

& each one gave something

a piece of them to me

adding up to more

than I used to be

& in hope

they took something away

besides the disappoint

hurt I wasn’t to be

the one for them