we’re all broke here baby

I’m broke she said

looking at the floor

sad smile downward eyes

we’re all broke here baby

I said

corners of mouth lifted

but feeling no smile inside

no I’m broke

as in I can’t pay my rent

& the landlord will hassle me again

I owe for the month & if I don’t pay this time

he’ll want paying in some way

cash or the other…

so we passed a hat around

raised a goodly amount

I took her home drank for a while

looking at her her pale bare walls

leaving around three quiet spent

come back tonight bring a bottle

we’ll do it all again she said

so I knocked her door at seven

& the landlord came out stiff angry

she’s run off stiffed me the rent

you a friend of hers can help me out?

nope she caught me too I said

corners of mouth turned down

but feeling the smile inside

just one more that got away eh?

project away

this face

set of the brows

look on the lips

I was always

hey you at the back


if that’s not too much

to ask?


I can see you

are in a bad mood

are angry

upset about something

the happiness thief

taker of things

stealer of love

bad man in black mood

& all I had was

this face

set of the brows

look on the lips

for you to project


it’ll come to you

somewhere out in the woods

by the thin river

I found the old man

sitting loose

leaning against a stump

whittling on a piece of tree

he smiled asked of me

you got any water son?

so I settled nearby

I’m making me a stick he told

to help me get out of here

ran out of water

kind of everything really

I thought I was easy

forgot I was no longer spry

the things they don’t tell you

about this getting old

is it all catches up on you

taking an easy walk in the woods

becomes a trial

something life threatening


but I was young then

could only smile offer help

he took the water

& fell into step

as we walked out to safety

for him

while for me it was only

to a place I’d been

we can call it pride

if you will

preferable to macho bullshit

that side of you

people never knew

I helped kept hidden

where you did me harm

cutting to size you called it

to hold me tight

the side hidden by your charms

where people thought you

all sweetness & light

not hearing your rages


there in the night

& when I let you go

the same fools cheered

I told you so

she was too good for him

as you slipped away

smile hiding your sins

& we can call it pride

I kept all of this

hidden inside


the time I had pleurisy

you leading me by the hand

along another cold street

there in the poor mans ghetto

out of my head

tripping on illness half dying

not knowing whose day this was

but understanding bone deep

you would not lead me wrong

& I let you go badly

not knowing how to fight for you

all I could do was feel the hurt

of another chapter closing behind

& if I could tell you

your leaving

took me years to get by

would that make you happier

maybe bring a smile?

I have no idea where you are

whatever happened to you

all I can say is I loved you once

the best I could do at that time

& I know that wasn’t good enough

but what else can a poor boy do

except take his medicine when necessary

take some time

maybe try again

whoah what a ride

I wasn’t looking for love

just something somebody

fill some hours in the downtime

& I learned a new thing

it is the crazy ones

make the best ever lovers

even if they steal your soul

clothes car money your mind

twisting up the bedclothes

everything in your life

& they take a while to work out

longer still to work them out your life

leaving bombs everywhere

work friends acquaintances landlord

& defusing them one by one yourself

can take years out of living

but when you get some space

you can look back with a smile

whoah what a ride

she wants me be

the better person

put on that suit & tie

go hang with the nicer people

& all I can do

is sigh put the duds on

try to make her happy

go hang with the swells

& all I hear from them

is piss & moan about their lives

she’s happy smiling all the way

& I put one of those across this face

its an endure gig tomorrow another day

& later on the way home in the car

she sighs begins bitching

about the ladies & their two faces

so we stop get a drink

leave the niceness behind

listen to the bar music sup a beer

& just let all of that false love