pulled out by the scenery

a memory from nowhere

pulled out by the scenery

placed in space not time

your happy smiling face

when once you loved me

as I was

& now

we are strangers

I let you go

though they way you tell it

told it

you were the one

who brought us to an end

my cruelty


I guess I was proved right

you were the untruth

between us

& that is why

You had to go

floating past my ears

all these words passing through

floating past my ears

people talking about family

things everybody knows

& nothing settles within

chimes resonates takes hold

their fulsome magic formula

of togetherness bonds of bind

where I have distance

strangers in a spread circle

using different languages

songs sung to separate

than join hands

fathers buried early

mothers gone to foreign lands

sister brothers halves & bastards

separated by vows of silence

things that cannot be spoken

secret shame whispered

in quieter corners behind hands

how I envy the warmth

to shake this coldness

that I will never understand