owe me nothing

I’d travelled to go see

knocked quiet there at her door

& she opened an inch said

I don’t wanna see you anymore

& a man has questions

presented blunt as all that

what to say given such a surprise

found myself walking off

befuddled bemused none the wise

catching the bus to my own city

had I got the right town

the right year day

was I just wearing the wrong shoes?

went back to my place

put on a record took a drink

thought on the wasted fare

the time the day long gone

& what was I owed in all of this

came up with nothing

is what she’d given me

not even kiss cheek goodbye

& for all of that I was the richer

at least

in my eyes


I was drunk with her

no other explanation

delirious confused

making poor decisions

took all of my money

& this had never happened

I’d had other lovers

been a fool before

but this was drunk on somebody

who gave themselves to me

& I sank without a trace

bottom of the barrel

gut ache when she was gone

push me pull you addict

wanting more

& once she’d sunk the hook

pulled away slowly leaving line

until I hit my rock bottom

& could take no more

by then she had wasted me

All those wasted bodies

lying in other rooms

in cities like this one

all over the world

& all I wanted

was a few minutes

of any evening

instead of

watching the shadow

climb the walls

knowing they too were sitting

lying there

wanting another body close by

needing nothing

much more

than company

some meeting of minds

empty aching arms

all those lonely vaginas

comfortless pricks

wanting but a five minute love

then a maybe goodbye

& if more

who knows what could be

while we lie in dead rooms

thinking of the wasted bodies

like ours

wasting away