pretty shallow

it was her face I first noticed

then that sensuous body

& I talked with her

liked what I heard

& before I knew what was what

I was involved

in the intricacies of her life

she had a man but could not leave him

would be with me until the witching hour

sometime around one

& I took all that she gave

never extracted more than the willing

her needs to be fulfilled

until I got to it one night

feeling the empty bed beside

not suggesting tears saying I cried

but man there was nothing there

could fill this gap inside

& I let her go knowing full well

she was never mine anyway

just my dish of shallow

thin tepid pool

that I could never dive into

just not today

they don’t like it

the teasing

raising issues

in any light hearted way

or the coming straight out

saying the what needs to be said

putting things out there

for discussion

is not for them either

but they are not closed off

oh no

they are open & willing

to talk about anything

everything under the sun

just not today

thank you